Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy Bees

We went from humdrum not much going on to really busy! Softball season for Naia is still in full swing! (haha no pun intended) She starts district tournament this week! We've had a fun year of ball. When we started I had no idea how competetive it was at this age...I now know. Wow! There's my sweet ball player! I kept telling her softball players were mean and tough all season long. She just had a look of bewilderment on her face. "Why?" haha Xavier also got his brown belt in karate this month. I don't have any pics of that, BUT we are super proud of him. If he keeps at karate, in the next 3 years or so he'll be a black belt! How awesome will that be? He loves to brag and remind me of the fact that he's taller than me. When did it happen? When did my baby get so big?! And Paxton is just as funny as ever! The big kids are away at camp this week. Last night Brent and I were sitting on the porch swing watching Paxton entertain himself. He rides his powerwheels tractor everywhere. He can be quite the daredevil on it too! Earlier he was trying to go up too steep a hill and it flipped back on him. He just got up, flipped it back over and after we put it back together a bit, he took back off! Last night he was putting one leg in the seat using the other leg to press the power pedal and he was just going crazy! He's hilarious...well at least to himself. And really to most everyone around as well! He just laughed and laughed at himself last night. Brent said he's the only person he knows that thinks he's really "that" funny! He just laughed at himself for the longest time! Sweet boy! I can't believe that he starts PreK this fall. Where has the time gone?! This is our Easter picture. I love it. My sweet little family!

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