Sunday, October 17, 2010

Something I think Men Don't Get

This week in church our Sunday School lesson was from Beth Moore. We've been studying the Psalms of ascent. Being at the bottom of the hill waiting to get to the temple for our chance to worship and make offerings. The being at the temple and just praising God and thanking Him for getting us there safely. Well today's lesson was from Pslam 130 & 131. About the Lord being our hope. Redeeming us. Like a weaned child sitting in his mother's lap.

Mom's is there ANYTHING better than sitting down at night with a sleepy, bathed, lotioned, sweet baby. There is nothing better than that feeling. David distinctly says like a weaned child, b/c that child isn't in your lap to be fed. He's there because he KNOWS that there is comfort there. That this is where all is right in his little world. Safe and peaceful in momma's lap right before drifting off to sleep. AND how many of us mom's spend that time praying over our child, praying for him. Certainly is he's sick and not feeling well. In Judges 13 Manoah "entreats" to the Lord. Praying over and over for Samson, his unborn child. There's just something about a freshly bathed, cleaned diapered, pj's on, little baby cuddled in your lap.

All the men in our class just sort of looked at the mom's like we were a little off. But all you mom's out there....don't you just crave the days when your babies were little enough to do this?!

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Katy Hill said...

I am soaking up my days while mine are still little-it is a precious time, for sure!