Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2 Years

This post is a few days late, BUT I did think of it then, just didn't post.

On October 2nd it has been two years since we first heard about our sweet Jeong Sol. Since that day, that phone call, he as been ours. We just knew. On the day of, I just knew that that day would be THE day. That Thursday Oct.2nd, I would be getting a phone call from Ed. I just knew. Call it a mother's intuition.

Also, on Oct. 1st it has been 1 year since finalizing Paxton's adoption.

And on Oct. 4th, we received Paxton's citizenship certificate in the mail. What an amazing two years it has been!


Katy Hill said...

What a journey! Paxton is too cute (as is the rest of your lovely family). We need you guys to come visit us sometime-we'll get that in the works. Also, I would love some lunch suggestions!

Schlabach Clan said...

He is getting so big!!!
Also, love the fact that you get your citizenship paperwork in the mail. We have to go in for ours.