Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chicken Pox

So if you know me in real life, don't panic as you read this! We weren't around the church or anyone when he ran fever last week.

Last week on Monday I got a call from Xavier's school to come pick him up he was running fever. So off Paxton and I go. We pick him up and take him to the dr. He has strep. It's been going around town fairly bad. Wednesday, Paxton starts running fever. Off to the dr. we go. He doesn't have any symptoms of anything, just the high fever, so they assume that he's got strep like Xavier. Antibiotics started, two days later, fever gone, just a cranky baby. Come all the way around to Monday. He breaks out in a rash of white dots. I don't really think anything of it, b/c of all his drool, he sometimes has a rash on his chest/belly area. So by Thursday he has the rash and several other spots on his legs and he's itching horribly. SO a week after his fever, we figure out he has the pox. Friday, off to the dr we go again. Yep it's the pox. He's not contagious any more. You're good to go.

I've never had a kid with chicken pox before. It was a little weird even for our dr b/c he hardly ever sees chicken pox. So yesterday I cleaned house. On my birthday to rid it of infectious disease smells! I cleaned earlier in the week, so I just opened doors and windows and scrubbed floors! Now at least it doesn't smell like a hospital and in my mind there are no more chicken pox here! Hopefully neither of the other kids will get it, as they were the only ones around Paxton during his contagious spells. Thank goodness we thought he had strep and kept him home all week last week!

Stay tuned to see what other kind of illnesses pop up around our house in the coming days! Hopefully we will get rid of ALL germs around here!


Laura said...

Ugg! I wouldn't even know what to do with chicken pox. Not fun!

Lisa said...

At least it's almost over at your house. I discovered I had the chicken pox the day I started nursing school, which was the day after I had seen several friends from college the night before!

Schlabach Clan said...

Oh My! I am sorry. I haven't even given chicken pox a thought in my house. I had it as an adult. So not fun! I pray this is the end of illnesses for you. You all have definitely endured more then your fair share. One would hope that this means that next will be the healthiest family around!