Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I've been in a funk lately. Feeling kind of down on myself. Not really excited or "in" to anything I've been doing. I guess it's been good for my workout though...I'm going longer and harder on the eliptical and treadmill!
I think I constantly want approval by certain people and not getting it hurts. I want my own clique....which stinks b/c I hate cliques. I don't think it's the clique I want, it's the intimate friendship. I think when I said I was going to pray for a friend, God's answer may be something that I wasn't expecting. Is He wanting me to turn to Him as the only friend I really need? I think so. SO, I'm going to work on that. On my relationship with Him. The one relationship that matters the most. I think that will make me get out of my funk. I know it will better my mood. Just typing it out makes me feel better already. SO if you want to be in a clique with me and God give me a call!


Emily said...

Oh, Dania! I wish I lived closer! We could totally be in a clique! :)

I know exactly how you are feeling. When I moved to this part of St.Louis (about an hour away from where we lived before). I prayed for a friend. God blessed me time and time again. I'm so thankful for the deep friendships I have made over the years here.

I'll be praying for you!

Yvonne and Eric said...

Sorry you're feeling down. Thinking of you.