Thursday, March 25, 2010

Four Nights of Totally Uninterrupted Sleep...

can spoil a momma quick!

My mom had the kids for four nights! At first I was a little nervious spending all night alone (Brent's on nights) BUT it was fantastic! I went to bed early. Slept late two days. Shopped during the day! Had lunch with a friend. It was simply amazing. And let me tell you, it spoiled me quickly! I'm now sick again hopefully just with allergy/sinus stuff again, but it's kicking my booty hard this time around. Yesterday I made myself get up and go workout, today not so much! I'm still in my pj's from last night! I've gone through about a box of tissue today and been taking meds like crazy! I haven't run fever in YEARS! And last night and today I've been running a steady 101.7. Even with the meds....SO please pray that I get over this quickly. I have about 20 people coming to our house for Easter and would really really love to not still be feeling poorly!

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Lisa said...

Oh No! I hope you are feeling better really soon!!