Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tough Losses...

Last night Xavier had a sleepover for his birthday. We always wait until January, b/c in December over Christmas break, no one ever comes to his parties! We had three extra boys with us, and my parents took Naia and Paxton to the hotel to stay for the night! They had a blast! We took the boys to see Alvin & the Chimpmunks the Sqeakquel. It was funny! It was even funnier to watch the boys' reactions to the funny parts of the movie. They were all so well behaved, which was nice!

I did make them go to bed at 11:30 knowing they'd play quietly at least another hour. They did, but it went great!

Today we had our weekly Upward basketball game. We played the team in which Xavier's best friend is on. JS also spent the night with us last night! We lost. We lost bad. According to some, we had a bad ref, but I'm not really going to say that. I think we just got schooled.....Anyways, Xavier's a terrible loser. I mean really, who wants to lose?! But it hurts just a little more when your best friend wins! It was definitely a tough loss. BUT it was a humbling day for Xavier who is a little sure of himself!

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