Sunday, June 14, 2009

Power Outage

So on Friday afternoon a huge storm blew through Arkansas. The kids and I had to wait out the monster of a storm at a gas station about 30 miles from home! Talk about an interesting afternoon! I didn't really know/think that it had gotten too bad, but we lost our second trampoline and a tree is down on our land. And apparently tons of people in the area are without power and have been since Friday. Since our church is one of the places without power, we are home this morning. We got a call this morning at 7 while I was already in the shower, that it had been canceled.

Here are some pictures of recent events in our household. Nevermind. I'm on the old computer and there are no recent pictures on it! Have a great week!

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Schlabach Clan said...

I'm glad you all are alright. It seems like most of the country is having huge storms....praising God for living in an area with no weather change...