Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy as Bumble Bees

We have had a busy three weeks of summer! The week after school we had VBS and our neice stayed with us. After that week, the big kids went and stayed with my parents for a week. While they were there Paxton had his circumcision surgery. He did okay. I'm not going to say great like some I've heard, but it took at least three days or so for him not to cry every time you changed his diaper. But now all is well! Last week Xavier went to church camp for the first time! Such a big kid. He came home exhausted and excited. He had a great time!

So for the first time all summer long, we have all three of just our kiddos home with us! We've been pretty lazy the past couple of days too! Yesterday I didn't even get dressed until about 6:30 when I wanted to run into town for a little bit.
I did do about 10 loads of laundry though!

Today we took it easy again. We just hung out around the house. Xavier actually went to karate tonight for the first time in nearly a month! The rest of the week will be pretty busy as well. Tomorrow Paxton is getting a haircut. Then we have church tomorrow night. I'm starting to teach our preschool Teamkid program and I'm excited about it! I love the kids in the class. Thursday Paxton has a checkup for his surgery in LR and we'll be gone most of the day from that. Then we have NOTHING for Friday or Saturday! So excited. We haven't had a free weekend since probably the end of April!

Also, could Schlabachclans email(efirdgal@yahoo.com) or comment me so I can get added to your blog?!

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Schlabach Clan said...

I was trying to figure out a way to include you. Duh...should of just left a post.

Our Dr. told us not to complete a circumcision for our boys. We wanted too, but kept hesitating to go find another Dr. I'm glad Paxton is too young to ever remember!