Thursday, March 26, 2009


We are all well at the moment! No more pneumonia or impetigo.

Spring break has been good. The kids have been sleeping in until abbout 8. I'm sure it's from pure exhaustion, but I'll take it!

Sunday my mom and I left to take Naia and my neice Kailie to Dallas for an American Girl weekend. We had a lot of fun. We stayed in the Westin hotel right in the Galleria mall! Perfect! We didn't leave for 2 days! We went shopping for new babies and clothes and accessories and then we had lunch with the dolls.

The kids and I cut our trip short b/c of a death at our church. We had a boy in our youth group drown in the lake here. I got a phone call Sunday evening that it had happened and that they couldn't find him. Several hours later, they pulled his body from the lake amidst many people from our church and from the father's work. He was pretty close to our kids even though he was a teenager. Having to tell Xavier and Naia about it was really hard. Poor little Naia just kept saying I just wish Matthew didn't have to die. His funeral was yesterday. It was so sad. I know that God has bigger plans than we will ever know, but a life cut so short is so sad. Last night at church in our children't department the county Chaplin came and talked to the kids and they did a balloon release. It was really neat.

I hope that everyone is enjoying Spring break. It's supposed to storm here starting tonight and all through tomorrow and then we may get some SNOW on Saturday. How crazy would that be?!

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Guy and Julie said...

Oh that is so sad, Dania. I'm so sorry about your loss. That's difficult to work through in a church, especially in a youth group.