Monday, March 9, 2009

First Overnight Trip

This weekend we went on our first overnight trip with Paxton. We went to visit my parents in Mena. He did really great on the 2 hour trip there. And he did really great being in a different house with different people. I just wish he had done as well sleeping that night. He went down about 10 which is 2 hours late for him, but didn't stay asleep long. He fussed and tossed and turned all night long. Finally about 2:30 I gave him another bottle and he finally slept from about 3 until 6. But then he was up and rearing to go! Needless to stay, that combined with the time change, I am exhausted. It's definitely going to be a semi lazy day at our house today.

I've also started leaving Paxton in nursery at church in the mornings. He's doing really well. I leave them with a bottle to feed him and he does fine. It's really helped I think with him feeling better to start leaving him a little, so that he knows we will always always come back for him.

He is also walking really well! He's starting to let go more and more. Yesterday he took a whopping 17 unassisted steps!

Naia is doing really well in preschool. She's is struggling a little with recognizing he letters. I'm sort of glad though, b/c maybe she won't be bored out of her mind in kindergarten next year like Xavier was b/c he already knew everything that they were teaching for the longest time.

Xavier is also doing great! He is such a loving little boy, but he is definitely coming to the age of irritating your sister just for fun! He loves to cuddle but is sadly starting to think he's too big for it. He is doing really great in karate. Xavier loves to read. He reminds me so much of myself b/c he could just sit for hours and just read. He is truly a child after my own heart!!

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