Friday, December 12, 2008

Transition question for my older kids...

Both of our kids are in a mood today! And it's only 7:47 a.m. I know that Naia is feeling slightly insecure b/c of all the excitement yesterday when we got our travel call. She was very clingy to me right afterwards, and then after school just a brat towards me! Then at home last night she was very much a mommy's girl. Wanting just me and to be held a lot. Completely understand that. Xavier is also having some issues today. Not minding, being grumpy, wanting me to do little things for him. Not that I mind doing things for him, but he is nearly 8 years old. I don't have to pack his backpack for him in the mornings. I didn't expect him to be this way. We're going to take them both to a movie tomorrow and spend some time doing stuff with them, but does anyone have any other ideas on helping, Naia especially, adjust to having a new baby in the house?

Brent here...
ALSO, today marks 'Day 400' of the wait since we turned in our first application. It is also our 100th blog post today. Funny thing the way things work out because my blood pressure has went up by either 200 or 300 over the past few days...
We're excited beyond belief right now. We get to be there next week whenever Paxton turns 8 months old!!! I've been looking at strange stuff on the internet lately, well, you might think its strange, i don't though. I've looked at the Airport websites for Dallas and for Seoul. I looked up the exchange rate too. Just to figure out what it will take to make me a millionaire. I looked at the TSA website to see what has changed since the last time i flew. And looked at the forum to see how much money we need to take over there (still not 100% sure on this one either). And being the engineer that I am, I had to also look up the Boeing 777 that we will fly on over there. That thing is pretty neato, especially some of the testing that they did on those planes. Youtube is a wonderful thing.
SO, those of you who have gone before us, please let us know if there is anything that we need to take that we aren't thinking of right now, because our minds are pretty scattered!

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Yvonne and Eric said...

So, so, SOOO happy for you!! It sounds like you're doing all the right things to help Naia and Xavier adjust, though Matthew is our first, so I don't have any experience with that.

I'm thrilled that Paxton will be home for Christmas and can't wait to follow your journey on your blog and see you holding him in your arms finally!!


Micah and Sunny said...

Oh my, can you believe this???? All this time of waiting is nearly DONE!!!

Praying for the transition of the entire family. I bet it will go much more smoothly than you can imagine. Remember, God is in the business of miracles (a friend of mine told me that...wink).

Cannot wait to see Paxton in the arms of his mommy and daddy.

Thank you sooooo much for your sweet concern for us. The way you can help me is to blog frequently while you are there.....we are watching you to see what to prepare for :)

Laura said...

I'm not sure how I missed your travel call post, but I am so excited for you!!! Pretty crazy that you'll be gone and back before Christmas even gets here... what an amazing blessing!
I did post a packing list at one point on my blog. Different country, but maybe still helpful. Here's the link:
Happy packing!

Schlabach Clan said...

Oh, I have tears in my eyes! What a precious and perfect gift!!!! I am soooooooo excited for you.

Plan on spending some time shopping in the few districts. You will definitely want to pick up a few items for later!!!
You are probably checking the weather reports, but you will definitely need warm clothing and an umbrella. The subway system is amazing and very easy to use, so that helps a lot.
I'm spacing on other items, but email me if you need any more thoughts.