Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Xavier

Today is Xavier's birthday. He's 8 years old. It doesn't seem possible that he's that old. He is funny and sweet. He love to snuggle and give love. He is such a boy though too. He loves to hunt, and play outside, and tease his sister. He is also so in love with his baby brother. To see them interact the first time was priceless. He is so proud and excited to show him off to everyone. Today he went to Jump Zone which is a huge building full of inflatable bouncers. We took him out to a special dinner and then came home for cake and ice cream. He was so full and tired from today he didn't even eat any! Paxton missed out tonight too, b/c he was taking his evening nap.

Adjustment is going great. He's actually starting to sleep through the night a little more. We've had him outside a lot this week! It's really helping. He is eating everything that we give him. He won't eat any plain baby food veggies, but stews or broccoli and chicken type baby food he loves. It has to have flavor! He refuses to eat baby rice cereal! Even when mixed with juice. And he won't drink juice. He drinks water from a sippy cup(somewhat!) and from a bottle. He is full of smiles. He is about to cut his top front teeth. He is so sweet! He does have a bit of a temper when we've seen while trying to get him to sleep at night!

Naia is doing great too. Right now she's upset b/c she wants to play with Xavier's new Nerf 2-in-1 double shooter gun, and he doesn't want her to play with it. She loves Paxton. She has been a big help the past week! He loves to play with her in his room. I'm not really sure what she does in there, but it keeps him entertained, so it works for me! She is determined not to help with a poopy diaper, but just wet ones she's all for it! She loves taking a bath with him and he loves it just as much.

This is what's happening in our household right now. It's been an exhausting week, but we are so thankful to have him home. It gives us both such a peace knowing that all our babies are here in our house with us.


Micah and Sunny said...

Happy Birthday, Xavier!!!

Thanks so much for the update, you have no idea how I refresh your blog everyday :)...sorry, it is a sick obsession (in every bit of a good way).

Thank you guys so much for your encouragement as well. Your email was fabulously informative. Watching your adjustment will help us to know what to expect as well.

We are so glad all your babies are home in your arms as well!

Butch and Tracy said...

It sounds like things are going great. I hope that this new year is very blessed. Congratulations on having all your babies with you. I can imagine it feels WONDERFUL.