Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just another manic Monday

Not just Monday though!

We've had a crazy summer so far. Trips to Branson, trips to Mena, trips to Springdale. I think we've finally made the rounds this summer with the kids to see grandparents. Last weekend we went to Branson. We bought season passes to SDC so we're really trying to put them to good use! We also went to the Titanic museum while we were there. Very neat. Not something we'll do again, but it was neat to see once. Xavier has been begging us to take him there. He has a huge interest in the Titanic story. He has read several books and watched several documentaries on it. Pretty cool for a soon to be 2nd grader.

We're moving up pretty quickly on the wait list. On the unofficial list we're about #5. COME ON RERRALS!!! We are excited about what's going on in the adoption world. A friend of ours has moved up to the #1 spot for a baby from Vietnam. If they get their referral before September they will still get to go and travel to pick up their baby. Very exciting for them. And several fellow bloggers from the Dillon forum have gotten referrals recently. Also very exciting! So again, keep the referrals coming!


Leigh said...

Congratulations on moving up to #5! Hope there is good news for your family soon!

chelle belle said...

You're getting closer!!!!