Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Naiabean

Our baby turned 4 this week. She's stubborn and sweet. She can't ever make up her mind. She loves HSM. She loves to sing and perform. She loves to try being one of the boys. She's terrified of frogs. She's pretty sweet when she's not feeling well. She's our gift from God. She loves to get into bed with us. She's independent. She loves her brother. She loves her daddy. She loves Skillet and Lulu. She calls me dummy and it's all I can do not to laugh while I'm telling her it's not nice to call people names. She loves to help in the kitchen. She loves mac & cheese and "plan" pizza. She will almost always choose milk to drink over anything else. She loves to dress up like a princess. She likes flip flops and dresses. She loves to watch Tom & Jerry. This little girl is truly a blessing from above. I'm blessed to be called her mommy. (even at midnight)


Julie said...

I visited your blog from the adoptkorea yahoo group. Your kids are beautiful!! That is funny about all those girl cousins. My family is the opposite...cousins, second cousins...almost all boys except for my Emma. Good luck on your adoption journey!

chelle belle said...

Happy BDay!!! Love the sunglasses! So cute!!!!

Yvonne and Eric said...

Happy belated birthday Naia! Those cookies look YUMMY!