Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow Day

I knew we were supposed to get about 1-3 inches of snow for today. I never imagined when I got up this morning that we'd have at least a foot of snow. No school today for Xavier, which is a blessing, since he's sickly. And since Brent is in an off training week at work, he could stay home too!!! Right after breakfast we all got dressed warmly and took off to brave the snow outside. We were out there about 7:30 this morning! We walked the loonnnggg walk to try and go sledding, but the snow wasn't slick enough, so we made the loonnngggg walk back to the house. The kids were soaked by then from trudging through the snow and making snow angels, so they came back inside. Brent and I stayed outside and played! We made a snowman and had a snowball fight. Skillet even loves the snow. He won't stay out of it long enough to dry off so he's having to spend the day in the sun room with the cats.

Xavier is sickly. Not sure with what exactly. If it weren't for all the snow we'd be at the doctor. I thought he had the flu, but he's not running any fever at all. He's just achy, tired, not eating well, and just kind of puny. He keeps saying he's freezing, and is staying all bundled up but I've taken his temp a dozen times and it comes back a perfect 98.6 degrees. Maybe if the roads are cleared slightly this afternoon we can take him to the doctor.

We're still waiting for our official homestudy approval. Hopefully it will come soon, as we are really ready to be on the waiting list!


abc123vn said...

Congratulations on the snow day and hope Xavier feels better soon!

Nathan and Emily said...

Hope you enjoyed the snow!

I know you will be on the list soon!