Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It won't be like this for long

We are struggling with our little Naiabean and her sleep again.  As I lay in her bed with her last night just holding her and reassuring her, this song was in my head.  I know it won't be like this forever.  Even though at midnight when your child can't go to sleep, it seems like FOR-EV-ER.  I was telling someone just yesterday that I know they will be gone and out of the house before I know it.  I also keep thinking of Ecclesiates where it says there is a time for rest and a time for work.  There is a time for everything under the sun.  It was a long night, but I did get to sleep in and that made a big difference.  I'm not usually grumpy in the morning but this morning after about 7 hours of sleep(not great sleep) I was a bit grumpy.  God knew I needed a laugh.  Paxton asked if he could change clothes in my bathroom.  I told him just to hurry and I went to find some breakfast.  Then I hear him "Momma.  Momma, I need you."  SO I go that way and expect he needs help in the bathroom. BUT instead I find him completely naked standing in my bathroom sink.  Trying to wash marker off of his legs......All I could do was laugh!  And I tried to take a picture to post but no matter what I did it was inappropriate!

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