Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flag Football

Naia played her first flag football game of the year today. Well to say she played is probably a gross exaggeration...During the first game I went out on the field with her. Her crying and other parents wondering why I'm making this poor little girl in her striped tall socks and hot pink flower headband in her head, play football. It's obvious that she doesn't want to play. HA! Little turkey begged me to play. Anyways, they were playing a jamboree today, so they played two 15 minute games. She finally played in one play during the last couple of minutes or so. Poor girl. And to say she played....well she stood in the line and moved slightly when they all ran! We had a nice break between games and her coach practiced with the team and she finally got a bit warmed up to acutal play. For the second game I told her she needed to play at least 5 plays. After exactly five plays she took herself out! haha At least she did the 5. BUT when the coach called her back in she just took off! She played most of the game and did great as a blocker! She actually moved her feet during this game and looked like any other scared kid out there! All in all she had a good time. So proud of her for getting out there in the end. Hopefully by the end of the season she'll be a pro!

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