Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Paxton

Yesterday was Paxton's third birthday! Oh what a day we had! At breakfast we put his #3 candle in his cinnamon roll and sang happy birthday to him! Before lunch, he asked if we could sing again! SO we put the candle in his grilled cheese and sang again. And before dinner he asked if we could do it again, so of course I obliged. So his candle went into his BBQ chicken. Then of course it just HAD to go into his birthday ice cream! We spent the day singing happy birthday and just hanging out! His party was last Saturday, I've been having trouble with blogger letting me post,so this is a day late and the party will be even later!

Funny things Paxton's doing right now: Asking everyone "What time is it?" Chicken time! and cracking up every time he says it! He also hardly ever potties in the bathroom! It's way more fun to pee outside!

A not so funny thing: Still not staying in extended session at church unless it's with a handful of certain people! It's a good thing his momma makes the nursery schedule....

He loved everyone calling him and getting to talk on the phone yesterday. He told everyone about blowing out candles and about his new truck and trailer and buggy!

He can count almost to 25 correctly. Doesn't know any of his ABC's though! And this boy LOVES him some gum! He sneaks it all the time from the compartment in my car! He loves going to the gym to see Ms. Lisa. I think he's just spoiled rotten by all the ladies there! HA! Favorite movies right now are the Toy Story series and he loves Dora and Bubble Guppies! Thank goodness he's gotten off his 3 Ninja's kick!

Throughout the day I couldn't help but think what his birth mother was feeling. Did she wonder what he was doing? Did she say a little prayer for him? Does she wonder what he looks like? All these things go through my head and I know that the answer is yes. Because I do the same things all the time. I wonder if she thought about him, I say prayers for him and her many times a day and I also wonder who he looks like. Does he look like her or does he look like his father. Does he have his grandpa's nose or his momma's eyes? Then there are times that I think, he looks like his daddy. He has his brother's personality. He has his Papaw's eyes. His momma's dimple. His sisters quirkiness! He's so much like us....

Anways, Happy Birthday my sweet Paxton! I pray that you always have this great love for life and for your family. We love you so!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Paxton!

I love the multiple "Happy Birthday" songs and getting good use out of that "3" candle! How sweet!

dave and jenn said...

Happy Birthday, Paxton!