Monday, November 15, 2010

Xavier Efird: Expository Descriptive 11/12/2010

Do you have a favorite place to go? I do! My favorite place to go is in my dreams. The first reason I like my dreams is because I can do anything I want to in them. And just last night I dreamed that it rained hundred dollar bills and I was the President so I got to keep it all. then I donated all $150,000,000 to a hair spray company. The second reason I like my dreams is because when I dream I have to be asleep. Personally, I love sleeping. To me, being awake for more than twelve hours is like torture. Being awake alone is like my kryptonite. The third reason I like my dreams is because I can just relax and be alone. If someone wakes me up I totally lose it. When I am in my dreams I can imagine just about anything. My mom says that I sleep so hard that i could sleep through a hurricane. I hope you can see why my dreams are my favorite place to be. When I am in my dreams, I am as happy as a cow with fresh hay.


Queen Emily said...

LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! I LOVE it! That is great!

I love the part about donating money to a hairspray company...ha!

I completely agree with him! I have great vivid dreams and often don't want to wake up! :)

Evelyn Uptigrove said...

Great story Xavier I love it

from:Evelyn Uptigrove :o