Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Monday

Today was house cleaning day in the Efird household. I got up WAY too early, courtesy of Naiabean and just got started. I did about seven loads of laundry today. Along with sweepind and scrubbing all of our hardwood floors. Mopped the kitchen floors. Cleaned the kitchen. Dusted. Put up all said laundry.

Favorite part of the day....listening to my kids play in the water hose with each other! They all came in soaked, but oh they had a good time! Paxton took a turn with the hose and while I had my back turned he squirted me good! So I too was soaked! It was all good though. Now all my babies are sleeping. Paxton is still not sleeping real well, SO hopefully he'll sleep the night away tonight!

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