Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Headed to the Beach

We are leaving this weekend for the beaches of Florida! We can't wait. One full week of being on the beach every day that the weather, and kids too I guess, allow!

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary! We had a date last night, our fist since bringing Paxton home, and it was fabulous! Dinner and a movie doesn't get much better than last night. While at the movie theater, all the band campers from the local college were there! It brought back tons of memories, b/c 15 years ago Brent and I met for the first time at band camp at this same college band camp! Of course now we like to think that we didn't act like they did last night, but I'm sure that we did! We had a good time though. Happy Anniversary to us!


Schlabach Clan said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Enjoy your vacation!

abc123vn said...

Enjoy the beach!