Thursday, May 7, 2009

Middle Child

Naia turned 5 this week. 5 years old. She's been telling everyone, I'm five now. It's my birthday. This morning at school, she was sure to tell everyone! So cute. So here are 5 things about Naia that I want to remember (or someday perhaps forget!).
She loves to use big words. She always wants you to think she's "styled" or is telling us that something is "bisgusting" She tells people that she likes taking "balallet.

She is incredibly picky about the clothes/shoes that she wears. She has her own sense of style. She doesn't like itchy clothes. I have to cut out the tags of most everything she wears. Thank goodness for manufacturers that don't use tags. She is even more picky about her shoes. They have to fit just the way she likes or she will not wear them. We have many many battles about what shoes she wears nearly every day.

She is a girly girl. She loves to dress up, wear "make-up", high heels, etc. She wears a princess dress nearly every day.

She adores both of her brothers. She loves getting to tag along with Xavier and his friends. He most of the time willingly lets her tag along. She also loves Paxton. She constantly is trying to teach him things. He can say her name very very clearly and she loves this fact! She plays with him all the time and does pretty much what he wants her to do.

She is really sweet.....when she wants to be. She is caring and compassionate. She is stubborn and unmoving. She is a go getter. She knows what she wants and tries every single way she can think of to make it happen. We love her so much, even when she drives us crazy!

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abc123vn said...

How sweet I hope she had an amazing birthday!